WC may be looking for council members

The people of White City will have the opportunity to determine their own future in the upcoming November election when they vote on becoming an incorporated city. At the same election five city council members for White City will be selected. Any resident of the proposed incorporated area may serve on the city council.

The law governing the first city council set the terms of office so that the three candidates who receive the highest numbers of votes shall be deemed elected and the two receiving the highest number of votes shall hold office for four years with the remaining members holding office for two years. In this way three council members will be elected biennially. The City Council will appoint a mayor at its first meeting of each odd-numbered year. The mayor’s term of office is two years.

White City residents are encouraged to file with the County Clerk to serve on the city council. This filing must be done at least 70 days prior to the November election. A person can either file a petition with 25 signatures of registered voters or pay a $25 fee to file for office. The Mayor and City Council members may not receive compensation for their services.

If the residents of the proposed incorporation area vote no the city council votes will be invalid.

If you want more information regarding the City Council or incorporation e-mail Stan Alexander, whitecity97503@gmail.com, or Joy Reich, ejreich@cascadecommunitypool.com.


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