WC Town Hall With Commissioner Skundrick

With the potential incorporation of White City being placed in voters’ hands, Jackson County Commissioner Don Skundrick invites residents of this community to discuss the issue at a town hall meeting on Monday, August 20, at 6:30 p.m. The meeting is open to everyone and will be held at the White City Branch Library, 3143 Avenue C.

In late 2011, the Urban Renewal Agency of Jackson County finished 20 years of projects to improve White City’s infrastructure, as well as create jobs, reduce crime, improve livability, and enhance the area’s future. With the infrastructure in place, the Jackson County Board of Commissioners recently approved a petition to incorporate White City, and residents will have the chance to vote on the issue on the November 6 ballot.

“I’m proud of the process in getting here and what Jackson County had to do to achieve this,” said Skundrick. “Now, it’s up to the White City folks to decide, which is how it should be. The town hall meeting will be a good opportunity to hear what residents have to say on this issue, and discuss anything else County-related that is important to them.”

Commissioner Skundrick has held public meetings about once a month since the beginning of the year, visiting residents in Shady Cove, Gold Hill, Eagle Point, Applegate Valley, Jacksonville, Talent, and Butte Falls. The intent of the public meetings is for residents to discuss a wide range of topics with Commissioner Skundrick, who hopes to listen, answer as many questions as he can, and nurture better communications.

“The process has been fun, enlightening, and a great chance for me, as County Commissioner, to get to know folks in an arena of dialogue and civil discourse. In the end, all of us are just plain folks interested in doing what we think is best for our local community, and these meetings have definitely proven that,” said Commissioner Skundrick.

For more information, please contact: Don Skundrick, Jackson County Commissioner, at (541) 774-6116 or skundrdw@jacksoncounty.org.



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