Butte Falls will see three names on the ballot

The city of Butte Falls has three positions to be filled this election and the three incumbents are running for re-election. The positions open are: Mayor, council position #1 and position #3.

Running for position #1 is Carrie Driskell an EMT who works for the medical facility in Butte Falls and is a volunteer with the Butte Falls Volunteer Fire Department. Driskell has been on the council for a number of years and is, according to our information, a native of Butte Falls.

For Position #3 is Lila McClanahan, also an incumbent and former Mayor and member of the city council. She is concerned about the town and is a native who wants to stay involved.

Incumbent Mayor Fred Phillips is the only candidate that returned the Independent’s questionnaire. His answers were as follows: the main struggles a town has to face to stay afloat are finances, maintaining the infrastructure and emergency services. He feels becoming familiar with the needs and resources of the town are the means to accomplish those goals.

Fred is a semi-retired engineer, educated at the University of Portland. He has worked in various positions with the Forest Service and the U. S. Army Corps of Engineers. He worked in all four ranger districts within the Rogue River National Forest and has been in business for himself.

Phillips is a member of the Butte Falls School District Budget Committee and says he loves the community and is pleased to be of service.


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