D9 School Board meeting

Smiles filled the room when Principal Tiffanie Lambert talked of Shady Cove Middle School’s recognition as a model school in Oregon. She then introduced sisters Sasha and Sondra Smith, overwhelmingly recognized for Outstanding Student Recognition awards. Superintendent Rickert presented each girl a certificate. Lambert also thanked all who helped move Elk Trail School to Shady Cove School.

Audience member Brian Saling addressed the board, praising them for their accomplishments and challenging them to improve employee satisfaction.

Superintendent Rickert talked about the start of the school year, happy to report positive meetings with parents, staff, new teachers, youth clubs, and delegates from Eagle Point’s sister city, Showa, Japan. She felt initial training sessions also went well. The D9 OAKS (Oregon Assessment of Knowledge and Skills) scores slipped some, due to effects of last May’s strike.

Morale is high, according to Allen Barber, Director of Human Resources, noting 70-80% positive comments. He reviewed the new hires, calling them a highly qualified and motivated group.

The Board voted to make adjustments to administrators’ salaries, some increases, and one decrease, at minimal cost to the district.

A mentoring program for new teachers continues, assisting their adjustment to a new environment.

The Budget Committee will advertise to fill its open position.

Melissa Klegseth, Director of School Health and Outreach Services at EPHS, addressed proposed changes in the Eagle Point High School Based Health Center’s Governance Policy. She explained the reason for allowing students to seek services without parental consent dealt with insurance issues and high costs to parents. Peg Crowley, CEO for the Community Health Center, spoke to the issue of family planning. The change would not allow supplies or prescriptions for the purpose of pregnancy prevention to be dispensed at the Student Based Health Center. With the questions of parental consent and student referral for family planning counseling not answered to the satisfaction of all board members, the motion to accept the proposed changes failed.

Head Start’s talks for using the old Elk Trail building fell off last May. The board and Head Start will revisit the possibilities in the future.

The next meeting will be October 10, 2012 at 6:30 p.m. in the School District 9 office in Eagle Point.


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