OHA & ODFW sponsor youth pheasant hunt

According to a report from OHA president Ron Sherva, Oregon Hunters Association and the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife are sponsoring a youth pheasant hunt to take place September 15.

Several years running, ODFW has held the event to give youngsters a chance to take a game bird under real hunting conditions. According to Sherva, OHA and ODFW have purchased several pheasant that will be planted specifically for this hunt.

Those with youngsters interested in the hunt should contact Vince Oredson or Clayton Barber at the ODFW office on Gregory Road at (541) 826-8774 (ext. 232) for further information on the hunt.

OHA is working on some projects to improve habitat for black tailed deer, elk, grouse and other wildlife by removing encroaching conifers from the Blue Rock Meadow complex. Blue Rock is in the vicinity of Mt. McLaughlin.

Historically, the area has been much more open than it is today. This action will clear some of the conifers from the area, allow native vegetation to grow. The work will likely be done this fall, and brush and debris will be piled for burning next spring.

Another project will remove debris and halt the encroachment of the conifers in an area near Huckleberry campground. Huckleberry and Frenchman’s Meadows will be burned during the same season, but there will be more consumption of natural forest residue beneath the forested islands within the meadow.

Rogue Valley Chapter of OHA said that a grant program is allowing the Yurok tribe of northern California to exchange lead-cored bullets for full copper projectiles. Several calibers are available ranging from .224 to .338. Sherva said the tribe will be giving a talk and demonstration of bullet fragmentation at the next OHA meeting scheduled for the Eagles Club on Table Rock Road in Medford. Meeting date is September 13 beginning at 7 p. m.


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