Shady Cove council candidates

Come November two Shady Cove Councilors and the Mayor will be up for re-election. Councilors Leith Hayes and Jim Ulrich and Mayor Ron Holthusen are all ready to step up for another term. Each of them is running unopposed, so it’s clear they are all willing to keep working for free in jobs no one else is rushing to take over.

In separate interviews each answered three questions. Though their answers to two of the questions varied greatly, all three answered the first question in near identical fashion. The question: “Why are you running again?” To a man they all said, with so many big and exciting things going on in the city over the past few years and currently, they just couldn’t walk away now. Each feels passionately about some or all of the current “big ticket” items in the City’s near future, from the Water Bond issue to the Riparian Ordinance and ongoing FEMA compliance issues. Each felt they had put their all into recent changes, a new Administrator, new contracts with Rogue Valley Sewer and County Roads and each wants to be around for the exiting things they feel are on the horizon.

As to the question of “What has been your biggest challenge”, the answers were quite varied. Holthusen said his challenge has been getting used to the pace of government versus that of the private sector. He advised things can move much more quickly in private business, and it’s been an adjustment in his government role to slow down with the many processes government decision making requires. Not to mention items of import can only be discussed twice a month! Hayes advised his challenge has been to accept “defeat” when he adamantly believes he is right on a given issue, but can’t sway the majority to agree. He loves that in meetings everyone gets to have their voice be heard, and that the council doesn’t always agree on everything. He just wishes he could always land in the majority. For Ulrich the challenge has been to differentiate with what he personally feels is best for the city versus what the citizens feel is the direction they want the city to go, and he will continue to go to citizens to hear their voice.

“What have you enjoyed most?” For Hayes it has been working with the other councilors and the Mayor. Though they don’t always agree, they are all great to work with and he feels Holthusen is a great Mayor and again mentioned his appreciation that in meetings Holthusen lets everyone have their say. He also noted, “I really believe we have one of the best city councils in the area.” and he likes being a part of that. Holthusen’s joy is the progress the city has made and he looks forward to enhancing the city and its sense of community noting, “Creating a vibrant community ensures a successful future.” Ulrich enjoys getting to know the citizens and being involved in and a part of the community, ending with “This is my time to do this; to give back.”



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