Timber Carnival results

Prospect is one of the very few places in the country where spectators get the chance to see some of the old-time logging skills put to use. Gone are the convoys of trucks, the high climbers and the huge chainsaws that once filled the tranquil forest with the noise of industry.

Thankfully, we still have Prospect, where those chainsaws still fill the forest with noise and the crosscut (or misery whip) saws make a string of chips that quickly turn the forest floor white. While most of the townsfolk probably work in town rather than the woods, there are those who still know how to sharpen chains for rapid cutting.

The 62nd annual Prospect Timber Carnival was held this year on August 18 and despite some conflicting events, there was still a respectable turnout. The event is held yearly to raise monies for the Community Center. Funds are raised from the Timber Carnival, from the program book, the booth space rentals, vendors and a raffle. The Timber Carnival alone raised some $2500 this year for the center.

Prospect resident Airman 1st class Jessica Patterson arrived during the carnival to surprise mother Robin Patterson about 2 hours into the show. She naturally joined right in the axe throwing and took a second place trophy in the Jill and Jill.

Other winners were, Women’s Axe Throw: 1. Astounda Collins, 2. Sheri Pinkerton, 3. Tina Harrison.

Men’s Axe Throw:1. Don Scriven, 2. Mike Dooley, 3. Jim McGuire.

Single Buck: 1. George Harrison, Sr., 2. Don Scriven, 3. Eyler Harrison.

Stock Saw: 1. Don Scriven, 2. Eyler Harrison, 3. Bret Steward.

Men’s Choker Setting: 1. Don Scriven, 2. Tony Scriven, 3. Nate Vobora.

Women’s Choker Setting: 1. Astounda Collins, 2. Tina Harrison, 3. Beth McGuire.

Jack & Jill: 1. Eyler Harrison & Astounda Collins, 2. Tina & George Harrison Sr., 3. Tom & Jennifer Dooley.

Speed Pole Climb: 1. Nate Vobora, 2. Rich Ehlers, 3. Danny Acrey.

Unlimited Stock Saw: 1. George Harrison, Sr., 2. Eyler Harrison, 3. Nate Vobora.

Speed AxeThrow: 1. Tony Scriven, 2. Eyler Harrison, 3. Don Scriven.

Jill & Jill: 1. Tina Harrison & Astounda Collins, 2. Jessica & Robin Patterson, 3.Beth Macguire & Jen Dooley.

Double Buck: George Harrison Sr. & Eyler Harrison, 2. Mike & Tom Dooley, 3. Casey Blue & Nate Vobora.

Antique Saw: 1. George Harrison Sr., 2. Tim Acrey, 3. Danny Acrey.

Two-man Antique Saw: 1. Danny Acrey, 2. Tim Acrey, 3. Jim McGuire

Modified Stock Saw: 1. George Harrison Sr., 2. Eyler Harrison, 3. Tom Dooley.

Log Rolling: 1. Tim Acrey, 2. Rick Eylers, 3. Danny Acrey.

Jill of the Woods: Astounda Collins

Bull of the Woods: George Harrison Sr.



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