Watershed Festival, Sept. 15

One of the really wonderful things about the City of Eagle Point is that we have a virtual classroom running right through town. Little Butte Creek is a model for many of the other tributaries of the Rogue River. It is unique in that there are a variety of fishes that use its waters, unique in that it powers one of the last water powered grist mills in the country and, it serves the irrigation needs of many people all the way from Fish Lake to The Rogue River.

To help celebrate this, the Little Butte Creek Watershed Council is sponsoring a Little Butte Creek Watershed Festival on Saturday, September 15 form 10 a. m. until 4 p. m. The event will be held at the Harnish Wayside on South Royal Avenue.

Kids can play in the big salmon tent; adults and kids can learn about a stream table and make their own salmon prints. Finding bugs is always a favorite and while the events are going on, there will be music and entertainment. There will be booths for both children and adults.

The city of Eagle Point and the Little Butte Watershed Council are jointly sponsoring the event.


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