Adam Randall is Eagle Point’s new baseball coach

Eagle Point’s new baseball coach comes to the Eagles by way of Madras High school. This Oregon City native has been a varsity coach for some time and is looking forward to playing some “pressure baseball”, designed to keep opponents off guard and to force mistakes.

Adam Randall loves the game of baseball. His plans for the Eagle Point program are to restore the three team system within Eagle Point High School, by resurrecting the freshman team, giving more players a chance to play and more importantly, a chance to improve their skills. He wants to build a strong connection to the youth leagues by holding a Christmas camp, an April camp and a June camp for grades 2-8 so those youngsters are on the same page when they enter high school.

He plans to also hold coaching clinics for little league coaches, so that there is less change between the instruction youngsters are receiving and what they will see in later years.

Randall also has hopes that the school can raise funds enough to enclose the batting cage so that players can go to an all-weather area to practice pitching and hitting. He plans working with a couple of pitchers beginning in November to have them in shape for the season in the spring. He has high expectations of players and of himself.

Travis Osborne, formerly of Hidden Valley, has transferred to Eagle Point and will be a big help in getting pitchers and catchers in shape for the season. Randall is excited that he will have quality help from someone that has taken several teams deep into the playoffs. Osborne spent 10 years coaching at Hidden Valley before making the move to the Rogue Valley.



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