“Believe in America”, brings out the voters

On Wednesday, October 10, approximately 100 people attended a meeting entitled “Believe in America” sponsored by the Jackson County Republican Party, at the Ashpole Center in Eagle Point. The rally was a call to action and get out the vote.

Tom Tschohl served as M.C. with assistance from his wife Sue and Skip and Ronalee MacQueen. After a welcome Tom Tschohl followed the Clint Eastwood model by interviewing the President in an empty chair. He highlighted the $16 billion debt, printing money with no backing and failed initiatives like Solyndra and the Volt.

Jack Adkins, the Vice Chair of Jackson County Republican Party and local Freedom Works Coordinator made a spirited presentation regarding the state of the country and following principles to get the economy moving forward.

Doug Whitsett, State Senator from the 28th District is seeking his third term and is unopposed. He stated that he believes in a free market economy without the government meddling and over regulating. “The government should not be picking winners and losers or dictating choice of products.” Government has almost “regulated the natural resources industries out of existence.” He said government must “follow the Constitution.”

Herman Baertschiger, candidate for State Senate District 2, has lived in Josephine County for 35 years. He is a business owner who believes that his leadership abilities can help make a positive difference in the state. He stated that this “election cycle is very important.” He is grateful for the help and support he has received.

Mike McLane, State Representative from the 55th District, is running for reelection. He is an attorney and Major in the Oregon National Guard. He and his wife and three children live on a small farm in Crook County. He emphasized the need to get “our financial house in order” or our grandchildren will be in big trouble. He is on the Ways and Means Committee. He said that the financial problems can be solved by job growth. Our resources should be used and water supply provides economic growth.

Fourth District Representative, Dennis Richardson, is an attorney who has been Co-Chair of the House Ways and Means Committee. He asked the question, “How did we get where we are?” He answered that the United States “is borrowing 40% of what is being spent.” As Co-Chair of the Ways and Means Committee he insisted that a cushion be built into the budget, since previous forecasts have been extremely optimistic. He stated that our forests should be utilized because just as farmers take care of their fields for the future, the lumber industry will take care of the forests.

County Commissioner candidate, Doug Breidenthal, urged a get out the vote effort. He stated that financial stewardship is important and that the country cannot continue to borrow 40% of spending. He urged steps be taken to increase jobs such as reducing SDC fees and getting people back to work in the woods. He advocates state sovereignty and that the federal government should give the vast amounts of federal lands back to the states. He stated that the county should seek local control of category 4 lands and cited Apache County Arizona as having been successful in getting local control of 36,000 acres, which resulted in forest jobs there.

Following the presentations, a number of questions were addressed.


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