Beware of home rental scams

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, there’s a new scam in town. The new one is taking advantage of folks who are looking for homes to rent. What the scammer does is find those places that are for rent, take a nice photo, then list that property on Craig’s list and wait for deposit checks to roll in. When they’ve cashed checks, they are no where to be found.

According to Jackson County Sheriff Mike Winters, this scam—and many others are catching unsuspecting people now and costing people thousands of dollars. Reputable real estate companies have refrained from listing addresses of rentals for this very reason. They will advise you to not send money to any one representing themselves as an agent for the home owners and to never go to a property unless an agent accompanies you there. They will further advise you that it is unwise to shop for a rental on Craig’s list. Are there legitimate rentals listed on Craig’s list? Surely there are, but the advice is still valid, never go to any of these places unless the owner/agent is there and never send money for a deposit to a P. O. Box.

The sheriff’s office is also aware of many other scams being committed. Information from credit/debit cards are an easy mark where scammers are taking information right from the machine where you are putting in the card and giving your pin number to the machine.


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