Eagles Football Looks Toward the Playoffs

Jesse Sattler and Kyle Zerger stop wide receiver, Austin Baird, short of the end zone.

Last week, on Friday, Sept. 28, the Eagle Point varsity football team had a spectacular win over North Eugene High School by a one-sided score of 62 – 6. The Eagles defense kept North Eugene’s runners to only 4 rushing yards, tackling for losses seven times over the course of the game. Caleb Ash, Jakob Combs, and Nate Brammer ran the majority of the Eagles total 322 rushing yards, while Carlos Flores received for two touchdowns and 35 yards. Kyle Zerger also had three receptions for a combined 40 yards, and caught two interceptions.

Eagles’ head coach, Jacob Schauffler, said, “There was no question we were the better team.”

More recently, on Friday, Oct. 5, Eagles football suffered an equally one-sided loss on their home field to Marist High School. The final score was 0 – 47, for Marist. That the Eagles failed to put anything on the scoreboard was the only regret of the evening.

“We kind of shot ourselves in the foot on the offensive side,” coach Schauffler said, referencing the yardage lost on two penalties and a fumble. “We can’t have those negative plays.”

Otherwise, Eagle Point played a solid game against a highly talented team. The Eagles special teams performed better than the Spartans on every occasion. On the opening kickoff, and each time the Eagles had to punt, Marist never returned the ball more than a few yards beyond where it was caught thanks to tackles from Sean McKenzie, Bryson Baker and others. Seth Arena, on the other hand, returned all but one kickoff for long yards each time. Arena also managed to block and extra point kick in the first quarter.

Kyle Zerger played an outstanding game on both sides of the ball. Zerger, along with Jesse Sattler, forced several of Marist’s passing plays to go incomplete. Zerger was also credited with five individual tackles, and four receptions on offense for 21 of the Eagles’ total 69 passing yards.

“In a game like this,” coach Schauffler explained. “You need your big players to make plays, and [Zerger] had one of his better games tonight.”

Eagles football will host Willamette High School for their homecoming game on Thursday, Oct. 11. Willamette has a 1-5 season record so far, including a loss to North Eugene. So, chances look good that the Eagles will have a victorious homecoming, and a spot in the playoffs.

“We just have to finish the season out the way that we know we can,” coach Schauffler said. “If we do that, I think we’re going to be hosting a home playoff game probably in four weeks.”


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