Eyman retires from URCC

September 26 marked the end of an era as Samanthy Eyman retired from the Upper Rogue Community Center. Eyman’s nearly 12 years with the URCC were celebrated with a special luncheon and a very special red velvet cake for dessert. The retirement luncheon was short on speeches, long on good conversation and laughter.

Eyman began working for the URCC in May of 2001 and in addition to being the Administrative Services Manager she has also been the Acting Director since that position was last vacated. She says the best part of her job has been interacting with the many and varied people with whom she came in contact at the center, and that folks have always been grateful, easy-going and flexible.

In retirement Eyman is looking forward to doing what she wants to do, when she wants to do it. She’s going to kick back and take things as they come and she may even take some of those classes offered at the Center. She also wants to travel, do some fishing, visit the Oregon coast and San Diego.


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