Library services continue to expand

Jackson County Libraries Interim Director Kim Wolfe related recent updates her staff and Friends of Libraries have brought to its patrons. “We attended the Annual Southern Oregon Antique and Collectibles Club’s Show again this year,” Wolfe said. “As we’ve done in the past, we got a booth, and were in the appraisal room.”

The collectors’ organization used some of its funds to purchase and donate twenty-one books this time. All on the subject of antique and collectible items, these new titles appeal to a variety of ages. At the venue, visitors holding local library cards checked out books that intrigued them. “Over the years,” said Wolfe, “this generous Club has donated more than 16,000 books to us. Jackson County Library System now owns one of the best collections of reading material on the subject.”

September 29 found JCLS personnel and gracious supporters in Hawthorne Park for the Multicultural Fair. “About 300 people approached our table,” Wolfe said. “We answered their questions about library services. We also joined forces with parents to instruct 100 kids on assembling artificial flowers made of tissue paper.”

Culminating their stay, Wolfe’s group held a special drawing once per hour for five hours, during which an entrant holding the lucky ticket would win a free book.

A new service begun in July of 2012 offers free, downloadable music from the website Known as Freegal, it provides access to more than 3 million songs in a huge variety of genres. Patrons can download one track at a time; up to three songs per week. “It’s especially handy because patrons don’t even have to leave their homes or come into the library to access the songs,”

Wolfe says. “For details, choices and instructions, please check the website, or phone the Library Services at 541-774-8679. So many interesting, free helps and resources can be found on the website,” Wolfe notes. “Truly a great place to visit, even from members’ home computers.”



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