Millard Auctions move back to Upper Rogue area

A familiar name has returned to Eagle Point. Millard Auctions, an old time company who served the area with auction services has returned to the Valley. Bryon Millard, who moved his business to the Grants Pass area 18 years ago, felt it was time to return and take up business here again. He had moved to take advantage of the fact that there were so many horses in the area and he was doing horseshoeing at the time.

Millard has set up shop in a building on Hwy 62 (6261) just south of Homestead Log Homes in the building once occupied by Bestway Computers. There he will be opening a gun shop and will sell many items on consignment for those that feel they might not get the best price when selling at auction.

In the shop area behind the retail store is his auction area, complete with chairs and everything needed for his auctions. There, near the gun rack, he bangs the gavel and often brings more to the sellers than retail prices. Auctions, of course, vary with the day and the buyers mood. But Millard feels he can help out by getting the highest prices for his clients.

What Millard brings with him is a way for those cash-strapped individuals to help pay their bills while they are between jobs or those who have been downsized. He also does auctions for the elderly, who want to convert their no-longer-used possessions into cash to help out family members. Churches are frequent customers that collect items and then use the auction route for fund-raising events. Bryon Millard feels the need is great and says he is willing to help people with either an auction or by placing consignment items in the store.

They hold estate liquidation sales, business liquidations, farm auctions, benefit auctions, probate and they offer free quotes and estimates. They advertise themselves as a full auction services which they can customize to fit the customer’s needs.

It is a family affair with the Millards, wife Candy joins Bryon in the venture and he readily admits that she “is the brains of the outfit.” Together they run the auctions and have a website for that business, and from that site, you can also navigate to another site they operate known as

From the retail store, Bryon says they are able to help small business by displaying items made by others, often giving a fledgling business a leg up on getting started.

The phone number for Millard’s is 541 282-8466. Bryon Millard’s motto is “we believe in keeping local business dollars right here.”


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