Senator Bates to be honored

The Oregon Business Association (OBA) is honoring Sen. Alan Bates, O.D., Medford, District 3 with the 2012 Statesman of the Year Award along with 10 colleagues as exemplary “health care revolutionaries” for their respective roles in improving Oregon’s health care system and inspiring others to do the same in their communities. The Statesman of the Year Awards will be presented at the annual OBA Statesman Dinner on October 12, 2012 at the Oregon Convention Center.

In his work as a family practice physician, Sen. Bates sees firsthand the complex needs of the most vulnerable Oregonians. He is also a champion of Oregon’s Health Insurance Exchange, and “facilitating a more open and transparent process to help small businesses and individuals purchase affordable healthcare while maintaining the incentives of the free market.”

“Senator Bates is a champion of facilitating an open and transparent process,” said OBA President Ryan Deckert. “He understands the issue and knows firsthand the toll high health care costs and inefficient delivery is taking on our most vulnerable citizens. The importance and impact of his leadership and bipartisan outreach cannot be understated.”

“We are pleased to honor these unsung heroes,” Deckert added. “Each of these individuals worked tirelessly and collaboratively over the past year and a half to make this work possible. While their peers in other states have dug in their heels and guarded their turf, these Oregonians have said ‘yes’ to the possibility of a new model for their work.”



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