Shady Cove water issue still flowing, another meeting on Oct. 25

With the November election looming on the horizon, Shady Cove held its penultimate Water System Town Hall Meeting on October 15. Facts, figures and charts still show that 96% of the city’s wells are drilled into bedrock and have a likelihood of future failure at worst, seasonal shortage at best. Still, the mood of the evening was that those who have working wells have faith this will continue to be the case. As a result of this, the ‘rallying cry’ has shifted from the city’s need for water to the city’s need for “Community”. It was a word used frequently by Councilor Jim Ulrich who ran the meeting.

Shady Cove has shown community spirit in the past, most recently with the parking ban at the city’s south entrance. Letters and pleas to City Council to help the truck drivers with their livelihood got that issue dropped. However, during the water meeting the pleas of Marianne Wolfe did not seem to spark similar community passion. Wolfe advised she has no water, has to date spent $12,000 to have water brought in and fears if the bond measure does not pass she will lose her home. One person expressed empathy for Wolfe, but by and large the questions to the panel revolved around costs to individuals. The election may prove $46 per month and taxes for landowners are just too high a price to pay for altruism and community. Also there is an issue of trust.

Despite informed assurances from RosAnna Noval of the Rural Community Assistance Corporation that funders are very enthusiastic about Shady Cove getting a water system; many fear Phase II just might not come to fruition. The October 15 meeting was intended as a forum to answer questions. However, it seemed most in attendance already knew which box they’d be checking in November and ‘questions’ leaned more toward the rhetorical than the truly inquisitive.

If you do have questions the October 25 meeting has been changed to a Q and A only event and will again be held at 6:30 pm at the Fire House.





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