Three Eagle Point FFA members attend convention

By: Kristen Hanson

The Eagle Point FFA just had our October meeting on Monday October 15, 2012. It was a great turn out with 46 members showing up to eat some awesome food, learn about the old and upcoming events, and have a great time carving some pumpkins. First on the list is the National FFA Convention that is starting this week. EP FFA has three members, Emily Dulany, Riley Kuyper, and Elle Rhode, attending this year’s convention at Indianapolis, Indiana. They are leaving on Tuesday October 23, 2012. I hope you guys have an exciting and fun filled experience! Enjoy the trip! We also talked about next year’s National Convention, in 2013, because we are trying to get as many people as we can to go to this special convention. Why is it special? Because it is going to be in Louisville, Kentucky for the first time in about ten years! So if you are interested in going to have an ecstatic time with your fellow FFA members at the 2013 National FFA Convention start planning now because we would love to have your company. Right now all you have to do is fill out that form you got at the meeting on the 15, if you didn’t get one they should be in the Scooby in Mr. Frost’s room. This is just to provide your contact information to let Mr. Frost know that you are interested so he can tell you all you need to know about going to the convention.

Emily talked about starting a Community Service Committee at the meeting. I think that it is an awesome idea to just be able to give back to the community, have fun doing it, and be able to put it on your resume. Community service benefits everybody so why not start a committee? While on the topic of committees, I informed everybody at the meeting about the scrapbook committee. If you are interested in scrapbooking please feel free to come to the first scrapbook meeting that will be before the FFA meeting on November 5. Ag Sales! If it sounds like something you want to do don’t be scared to ask about it. Just like anything else it is just something to do to get more involved in FFA that will be a fun and exciting learning experience. We also had three raffle drawings for the meeting, one of which was for a brand new iPod touch! Congratulations to Bailey Schneider, the lucky winner of that iPod touch, for turning in your membership on time and showing up to the meeting to claim your prize! Then we had Cooper Wolf win the October candy raffle and Ryan Gifford won the traditional meeting licorice raffle. Last but not least we had the annual pumpkin carving contest. Team number four, Nick Wolf’s team, carved a really awesome pumpkin and took first place with it.

Don’t forget about the FFA meeting coming up on November 5, 2012 and the scrapbook meeting before that. Think about that community service committee too. Have a great week!

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