Views on White City incorporation

White city reasons to incorp..

1. We currently have little to nothing to say about what services are maintained in our


2. The things that we do have some control over are being done by local volunteers, not

the county or the state.

3. The county did the urban renewal updating after more than twenty years of our

Residents’ money leaving the county with very little services provided for the money


4. Now that the urban renewal work is done we are being told that there is no future

funding expected to maintain what has been repaired and improved.

5. Not being a city we lose out on the potential of many grants that in part monies that

have left our community.

6. Money from Gas, alcohol, and cigarette taxes would amount to almost $800,000 that

would come back to the White City Residents.

7. Utilities such as electrical, phone, cable, trash service and more pay franchise fees to

cities and this would create income for our city.

8. We have local residents that have offered to run for city council and mayor positions

without pay to represent our local community.

9. We can encourage businesses to come to our community to create jobs. No state or

county is going to do that for us.

10. The public has said that they don’t want pot/marijuana crops near their homes and our

schools. There is no rules in the county that prohibit this. We could make that rule for

our city.

11. We have people on the outlying areas that want to be a part of White City and for that

they are willing to pay city taxes, but they were excluded from being a part of White City.

As a city we could invite them to join our community.

 Reasons not to incorporate:

Not everyone in White City is on the same page as far as the incorporation is concerned. As is usually the case, there are two sides to the story. Those who want to see the city incorporate and those who are opposed. Tony Rieg is the leader of the group opposed to incorporation. This is his statement and reasons against incorporation:

Rieg says all property owners will pay higher taxes because along with incorporation comes an automatic $1.45 per $1,000 of assessed valuation over and above all other state and county property taxes. Tenants will not be spared because they will have the tax passed on to them through property owners. Rieg says that anyone shopping or doing business within the city will also pay through higher prices.

Disproportionate tax burden: with no industry and commercial properties, the burden of paying for city government and programs lie squarely on the working families, seniors and those on fixed income.

Rieg adds that all services currently available to White City residents could be replaced by city administered programs. Professional building and planning services, animal control, fire service and law enforcement services available from Jackson County could be replaced add additional taxes to residents. City government would have the power to institute regulations and ordinances, create departments, hire employees and contract work without input from those that are paying the bills.

He says there will be no guarantee of services. Incorporation is only the first step in a very long and expensive path. Simply being the city doesn’t guarantee any improvement in services. (He says) Look at the cities around us. They all have higher tax bases and all are struggling to maintain services to residents.

Many of the people backing the incorporation effort hope to be elected to city government. They have their own personal agenda and want to control the residents of White City.

Rieg says the move is bad for business at a time when our local economy is struggling and many residents out of work this would put an additional tax burden on them. Levies and taxes charged by a new city would make it difficult or local businesses to compete and would result in higher prices for foods and services purchased in White City.

Every new city program will cost more money. In the first year alone, even before anything is actually accomplished, city expenses are estimated at almost three-quarters of a million dollars. This is more than property taxes alone will pay for. The additional costs will have to come from additional taxes, fees and levies to the residents of White City. Ask yourself why they haven’t included the mills and any other businesses in the industrial area. Because they object and do not want to pay additional taxes, or be controlled.


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