2013 North Jackson volleyball tryouts

Shady Cove, White City and Eagle Point volleyball players are invited to tryout for either the high school or middle and elementary school teams. The high school team will hold tryouts on Dec. 8 at 4 p. m. at the Eagle Point High School for both the 17 and under and 16 and under teams.

Tryouts for middle school and elementary teams will also be held on Dec. 8 but they will begin at 1 p. m. They will also be held at the high school. This will determine teams for the 14 and under and 12 and under teams.

Registration is online before tryouts at www.northjacksonvb.com and further information is available from Elizabeth Bilden (541) 830-6728, Elizabeth@northjacksonvb.com or from Jonathan Bilden at (541) 864-1439 jonathan@northjacksonvb.com.

Parents meetings will be held at the same time as tryouts.


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