Eagle Point City Council report

Jerry Zieman, seen smiling on the front page of last week’s Independent, smiled once more when the Eagle Point City Council congratulated him at their November 13 meeting. Jerry was one of the recipients of Premier West Bank’s Community Star Award for excellent voluntarism. Audience member Jared Hill (of the LDS church) also addressed the council about the October 13 clean-up day in Eagle Point. Volunteers from his church, as well as community members, made significant inroads in clearing the path from the covered bridge to the Mill. Along with a mountain of blackberry bushes, they unearthed a bunch of golf balls. His church is committed to keeping up on the project and asked how that might work out. He encouraged other churches and groups to join the effort.

Joel Conder of Capital Asset and Pavement Services presented his findings on Eagle Point’s pavement, stating that streets are a city’s biggest asset. About 74% of the streets are in good condition, though soon to fall below that designation. Roads are usually designed with a 20-year life, and if well maintained with seal coats and crack sealing, can possibly last 40-45 years. With an unlimited budget, Eagle Point could upgrade all its roads. That not being the case, the city will work with Capital Asset to figure solutions that allow streets to be upgraded, not merely held at status quo and slipping.

Public Works Director Rob Miller addressed the grant application to ODOT’s Multimodal Transportation Program for funds to improve pedestrian and bicycle facilities along Linn Road from Highway 62 to Buchanan, with curb, gutter and sidewalk on the north side, along with pedestrian scale lighting and a planted median. This project would not only enhance safety, but beautify the entrance to the downtown corridor.

Councilor Jonathan Bilden accepted the appointment as a non-voting member of the Economic Development Commission. A resolution passed requesting that Jackson County include certain Eagle Point tax lots into Jackson County’s Enterprise Zones. Such inclusion would be beneficial to both businesses and Eagle Point, granting business incentives for three-year property tax relief, based on definitive criteria.

After an encouraging and positive six-month performance evaluation for City Administrator Henry Lawrence, the council adjusted his salary accordingly. Everyone at City Hall is pleased to have him on board.

Kathy Sell reported for Parks and Recreation that the community preference is for active rather than passive parks. She mentioned that the Red Cross Disaster Relief Board would be making a presentation to show the city how to be prepared and more self-sufficient in case of disaster.

Rob Miller mentioned that the Eagle Point Women’s Club would be planting several thousand bulbs to beautify various locations in the city. The company doing a free video for Eagle Point’s website will be in town soon to record sound bites.

Mayor Russell and his wife, Debbie, spent ten days in China. He said that the Chinese are cutting edge with technology, and we would do best in this country to make sure we are, too.

The next meeting will be November 27, 2012 at 7 p.m. in the council chambers at City Hall.


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