Eagle Point Community Bible Church suffers robbery

Eagle Point Community Bible Church has become the latest victim of theft. A church spokesman said that someone broke into the church, 27 south Shasta Ave., Eagle Point, on the evening/morning of October 25-26. While he said the property damage was limited to a broken window on an inside door, the value of stolen property was considerably higher.

According to Sgt. Steve Frantz of the Eagle Point Police department, total loss was approximately $5,000, and of that; value of the equipment was estimated at $4,000. The police department is looking for information in helping them find the thieves. Sgt. Frantz says that any clues will be helpful, but they are specifically looking for any suspicious vehicles that might have been seen in the vicinity of the church between the hours of 10 p. m. and 8:20 a. m. on Friday morning when office personnel arrived for work.

Sgt. Frantz said that the TVs were a 55” flat screen and a second TV. Also missing were two laptop computers, one H. P. and an MSI; two cameras, one Kodak digital and a Canon video camera, a baby blanket and petty cash.

The culprits attempted to get into the safe and broke a window in the pastor’s office to gain access there. It is not known how they gained access into the church building itself.

Sgt. Frantz warned citizens to be especially wary because there have been a number of smaller “crimes of opportunity”, where a person gains access by finding unlocked doors or purses left in shopping carts and other crimes such as these. He said that there are many desperate people who will take advantage of unwitting souls at this time.

Anyone who may have seen or heard anything unusual during that evening is urged to call the police at (541) 826-9171. Citizens being observant about unusual vehicles and people often provide the clue that police need to find and apprehend thieves. Keep an eye out for your neighbors, and hope they do the same for you.


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