General election statewide ballot measure results

Oregon ballot measure #79 which prohibits the charging of a tax during the transfer of properties appears to have soundly passed by garnering 59 percent of the total ballots cast in the November 6 general election. The measure prohibits charging an additional tax on the transfer of property, which would have increased sales prices and reduced revenues in the case of the seller. That was just one of three statewide measures that passed, the others being measure 85, which will send kicker money to support schools and measure 77 that places disaster relief on fast track through the governor rather than the legislature.

Other initiatives did not fare quite so well. Measure 80 which would have allowed the recreational use of marijuana was defeated by a narrow margin. Some 55 percent of voters rejected the measure, while two other states have passed similar measures. Washington state and Colorado have become the first states with a long period of time that allow for recreational use and for the growing of hemp.

Gambling measures 82 and 83 were soundly rejected by 72 and 71 percent of voters. Measure 83 would have allowed the Wood Village Granges gambling casino in up north, while 82 would have authorized establishment of privately-owned casinos and mandated a percentage of revenues payable to a dedicated state fund.


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