Jackson County Board of Commissioners meeting

The regular public meeting of the Jackson County Board of Commissioners was held in the public’s Courthouse Auditorium on October 31, 2012 at 9:30 am.

Two special awards were presented at the onset of the meeting; one to Harry Howard of CASA of Jackson County, and the other to Bern Case, Airport Director. Mr. Howard was recognized for over 22 years of service as a Court Appointed Advocate, logging in over 1,139 hours, supporting children in foster care systems. Airport manager, Mr. Case was recognized as the Airport Manager of the Year by the Oregon Aviation Management Association.

County Administrator, Danny Jordan, prepared an extensive presentation regarding the Justice Court and Traffic Team impacts from HB 2712. This bill was originated in our Oregon legislation and was intended to be “revenue neutral” to all counties, but is not what has occurred, according to Jordan. He quoted a statement made by a citizen, with whom he agreed, that suggested whoever cannot operate a $500,000 Justice Court budget with $2million dollars of revenue (from their financial records) should be fired. But Jordan then identified other expenditures not included in the Justice Court budget that are covered by these revenues. His presentation can be seen on the website: http://www.co.jackson.or.us and click on ‘recorded video’ or agendas and minutes’ to view Jordan’s documentation. Needless-to-say, this change has challenged our budget planning, but did not come totally unexpected, and was considered in the budget process last spring.

The only item on the agenda for the commissioners’ deliberation was an order authorizing an intergovernmental agreement with Josephine County. This agreement comes to Jackson County as revenue of $45,000.00 for an adult immunization project. The goal is to increase immunizations for adults for influenza and/or Tdap (diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis) by 10% or more. The two Counties have agreed that Jackson County will hire an individual to conduct the work as outlined in the project application and Josephine County will reimburse Jackson County. No figures were available when asked what actual numbers “10% increase” represented, however, Commissioner Skundrick did mention that the reflective cost would be about $1.50 per shot. Speculating that the newly hired employee would be hired at the reported county average of $35,000 for the ten months of work on this project, and the remaining $10,000 would inoculate over 6600 patients! —But, hey, that is purely speculation.


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