Shady Cove City Council

With the election over and another resounding “no” vote on a citywide water system for Shady Cove, the City Council pondered “What next?” during their November 15 meeting. The first next step council took was to give some firm closure to remaining water issues. The idea of possibly still putting in a waterline when Highway 62 enhancements take place in 2015 was briefly discussed. It was agreed that citizens would not be supportive–nor happy about any further city monies being spent in the aquatic arena, and the door was shut on the “mainline” issue. Both city council and a few Water Task Force members discussed and agreed that any future water system(s), whether several small or one large, would be private enterprise projects. The final note of closure was the formal disbanding of the Water Task Force; motion carried 5/0 in the evening meeting.

Moving along into the future, Council began a new, large, but maybe not yet large enough, project. During the study session Dale Bohanan of Building Development Services (BDS) along with Ed Mayer gave a presentation of their proposal for work on Emergency Management Consulting (EMC) for the city. Wait – doesn’t BDS do floodplain management? Yes, but…initially Mayer proposed to contract as a “company of one” for the EMC work. However insurance for such an undertaking proved cost prohibitive so Mayer met with Bohanan and though Mayer will still do the actual consulting work it will be under the BDS umbrella. BDS is happy to add EMC to their toolbox of services offered. The presentation consisted mostly of paring down the potential services Mayer would offer to a few priorities. With an EMC budget of $5000 for this fiscal year Mayer’s time will be held to 100 hours maximum and getting a city emergency ready complete with an Emergency Command Center will take more time than the city can currently afford (or wishes to afford!). With a few key priorities agreed upon the contract was approved in the evening meeting 5/0. In the spring the Budget Committee can collectively decide if the project warrants more consideration and funds.

Also proposed during the study session was a Business Awards program. Councilor Gary Hughes had penned a proposal whereby councilors could nominate local business for a big “Thank you” and a plaque. Though no decisions were made on how the program will be fleshed out, it likely will be a quarterly award and the city council is enthusiastic about the idea and will be firming up the process in the near future. It was agreed that the awards would be given to businesses that make the city a better place, not just – say – a restaurant that has great pie. Though having great pie never hurts.

The evening meeting saw the first reading of Ordinance 266 to amend the comprehensive plan and change the zoning map of the city as well as the approval of a liquor license for the soon to be re-opening Mac’s Diner (tentative opening Nov 28, prepare to get your milkshake on!). However the big focus of the meeting was on the first Students of the Month for this school year. Grade school student, Lilian Torres is new to Shady Cove, but has already made a big impression on students and faculty! An avid reader and big fan of Social Sciences, Torres is also one who is always cheerful and goes above and beyond in her coursework. Torres was also touted for her impeccable manners and quiet leadership. The middle school recipient, Jazzmynn Kiefer is a force to be reckoned with, both academically and athletically! Not only does Kiefer trek to Eagle Point High School to take advanced geometry, but she does so cheerfully. Per her teacher Kiefer does everything with cheer and enthusiasm and is a great role model. The students were so impressive City Planner Dick Converse was compelled to comment on how impressed he’d been by the awards as he exited the meeting following his official duties.

Council will meet again on December 6 – but City Hall will not be quiet between now and then. Be sure to join in for the annual tree lighting on December 1 following the Children’s Christmas party which will run from 2 – 4 pm at the school.


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