Two local veteran’s win money for thier non-profit

Sandi Erskine of PremierWest Bank presents Skip Geear with a check for $1500. Also pictured in Skip, his daughter Becky Geear, and Walter Woods grand-daughter.

Premier West bank is in the midst of a very unique contest. The bank has taken upon itself to honor those who excel at voluntarism. To that end, they have put up serious cash prizes for those nominated from amongst the community for their tireless hours of work.

Called the Community Star Award, they use an online voting system utilizing facebook as a voting booth. Community members vote by logging on to their favorite volunteer and the most votes wins.

This first challenge has been to honor military veterans. Two volunteers from the Eagle Point community have been nominated, Skip Geear with his Wood House project, and Jerry Zieman, who works tirelessly with the Eagle Point Senior Center.

The idea behind the project is that someone nominates a person, then they and their organization or charity do everything in their power to encourage friends and co workers to vote for their entry. Obviously, the most votes wins.

The winner in the first contest is Skip Geear for his work with the preservation of the Wood House. Geear wins the first prize of $1500 which he will use towards further improvements to the House and to pay bills. The Wood House has a very low budget, according to Geear, so the $1500 will go a long way to keeping the place open for another year.

Several events are held annually at the Wood House, because of Geear’s love of history and preservation. He has a personal collection of artifacts that he maintains in addition to the collection at the Wood House. He runs the entire operation with the help of his wife, Charlotte, and just a few others who routinely donate time to the operation.

Many may not know that the Wood House may not have survived because a land developer from California previously owned the property and had slated the removal of the dilapidated house. Geear fought hard, pulled out all the stops and finally talked to the right people to affect a property transfer that saved the structure. During the process, he suffered through many anxious monuments before the house was eventually secured.

Jerry Zieman is the president of the board of directors of the Eagle Point Senior Center as he has been for the past four years. Jerry works every day from 7: 30 a. m. until at least 12:30 p. m. serving the needs of the community and its seasoned citizens. He chairs the meetings of the board and membership meetings and puts out a monthly newsletter. He supports the operation of the thrift store, the major fund-raising effort of the center. He welcomes many groups and attends other meetings, such as city council meetings and meetings of the local school board. He is the chaplain of the local Veterans of foreign Wars and always sees to it that veterans are recognized and appreciated. The center, within Jerry’s guidance, serves local veterans on Veterans Day. The center, under Jerry’s guidance provides services to the High School, 4-H, low-income families, the mission and the VA Dom. For his work, Zieman received $500 for the Senior Center.

Congratulations go out to both these volunteers. Their work will surely serve as inspiration to others and they will be long remembered for what they have done.


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