D9 Board member seek intervention from state representatives for superintendent

By Cynda Rickert

D9 Superintendent

The district budget was on the minds of the School Board members at their regular monthly meeting on December 12. The Board appointed a new Budget Committee member, reviewed financial results from 2011-12 and approved a calendar for developing the 2013-14 budget. Here are the details.


The Board appointed Nita Lundberg, a longtime Eagle Point resident and school volunteer, to fill the open seat

on the Budget Committee.

Ms. Lundberg graduated from Eagle Point High School and has three children attending Eagle Rock ElementarySchool. She is active with the PTO and volunteers in the classroom every week. Ms. Lundberg has abackground in banking, and now focuses her energy on being a homemaker and photographer.She noted on her application that she wants to help the district maintain “a culture of welcome learning.” I am very excited about the opportunity to work with her in the coming months.

One other community member, Joseph Guerra, applied for the committee position. Mr. Guerra is a recent addition to our community who has a grandchild in our schools. He had 25 years’ experience as a school finance officer in California, and I hope he will remain active in our schools for years to come. Ms. Lundberg will join four other community volunteers and the five members of the School Board on the Budget Committee. Her term will run through June 2015.


The district finished 2011-12 with a smaller deficit than anticipated, thanks mostly to strong cost controls throughout the year. Business Manager Scott Whitman told the Board that costs exceeded revenue by $202,000, based on an accounting of actual spending. In 2010-11, the district finished the year with a $1.2 million deficit. The report for 2011-12 shows a significant

improvement. I am proud of the efforts everyone in the district is making to keep our spending focused on the classroom.


The district will lay out its 2013-14 financial proposal to the Budget Committee on April 17, 2013, under the budget calendar approved by the Board during its December 12 meeting. The meeting will be the first of four scheduled public meetings about the proposal. The remaining meetings will be held as follows: _ May 1, Budget Committee meeting.

2 _ May 15, Budget Committee meeting. _ June 12, Budget Hearing during School Board meeting.

All of the meetings are scheduled to start at 6:30 p.m. and will be held at the District Office.

The budget calendar is shorter this year than in the past two because we foresee no need to make the kinds of major changes that were contemplated for the 2010-11 and 2011-12 budgets, this is based on current projections taking into consideration the latest economic forecast and the Governor’s recently proposed budget and PERS savings package. I appreciate the involvement of all the employees and community members who participated in those earlier sessions, and I look forward to hearing from you again during the development of the next budget.


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