County Commissioner meeting report

The regular Jackson County Commissioner public meeting was held Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 9:30 am at the County Courthouse Auditorium. There were three items on the agenda for deliberation, all of which have been following three common themes of past months: more spending, bigger government, and less freedom.

The commissioners contracted with Dr. Kuda of Grants Pass for up to $113,000 to provide psychiatric care for those who cannot afford it. This is in addition to a mental health budget that totals over $15 million.

Emdeon Business Services will receive $7,000/year to report to the state for “county encounters”-whatever that is.

Once again, another recycling entity gained the approval of the Commissioners for a CPI (consumer price index) increase. Rogue Transfer & Recycling LLC will increase fees by 20 cents/cubic yard, and the rate effectively raises the collection rate per month from $11.60 to $11.80, and the county expects to gain $1,500/year from the franchise fee.

Finally, technology again has come to the forefront for crime prevention in Jackson County. Just weeks ago, a grant for laser technology for sheriff and police cars, linked with data collection, was approved. And now, a more “effective and timely” deputy response is claimed to be achieved through an online service for citizens to report “minor” crimes. Jackson County Administrator, Danny Jordan stated that this is an “enhancement proposal” to complement a system already in place. Tiburon, Inc. is a records management system utilized by the county and Medford. Copologic Desk Officer Online Reporting System would not only allow citizens to report minor crimes, but would allow them to add more data to prior claims; for instance, adding to a list of stolen items on a report. A deputy is responsible to follow-up an online crime report, however, it was not clear that there would be a manned station fielding these reports. Without personnel manning this system (like 911) will the results and intent (more efficient deputy response and consumer ease) be achieved? Or will the government be equipped with citizens reporting on citizens for data collection?


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