Curristan bids farewell to EP City Council

Eagle Point Mayor Bob Russell (left) presents Councilor Alan Curriston a plaque and a big thank you for his years of service to the city of Eagle Point.

The November 27 meeting of the Eagle Point City Council opened with a farewell bid to Councilor Alan Curriston. Mayor Bob Russell presented him with a plaque noting his accomplishments and a gift from the council, and thanked him for his eight years of service on City Council and the Economic Commission, as well as other positions he held. The mayor spoke of his privilege in working with Alan, of the insight and hard work and sense of camaraderie Curriston brought to the position. He also thanked Alan’s wife, Kris, for her patience and the years of sending her husband out the door for yet another meeting.

Mayor Russell then declared a break, and Alan cut a beautiful and tasty cake made by Bunny Lincoln.

As council and staff members gave their reports, they first addressed Councilor Curriston, thanking him for serving and speaking of their privilege in working with him. With one voice, all said he would be missed.

Alan in turn thanked them for the privilege of serving with them. He said they are a unique group who serve with a commitment to unity, community, and getting the job done. He smiled when he wished newly-elected Aaron Prunty the very best in his new role as councilor.

When the meeting resumed, Jeff Johnson and Bernie Grossman offered some personal background and their reasons for wanting to fill vacancies on the Economic Development Commission. The council discussed the matter and unanimously agreed that Johnson would fill the remainder of Nancy Leonard’s term (three years) and Grossman would fill Doug Herndon’s remaining one year.

Eric Benline also stepped to the microphone to express his desire to serve on the Parks and Recreation Commission, filling a vacancy created when Carroll Newcomb resigned. The council unanimously appointed him.

The council authorized the city to enter into contracts with Central Valley Excavation, Inc. and Overstreet Landscape and Hydroseeding, Inc. to grade, gravel, install culverts and perform other minor touchups along the Little Butte Creek Path. The two companies will complete the work as the weather allows.

Authorization of a third contract allows Rick Stevens Painting Co. to paint the interior of City Hall, doing so on weekends.

Councilor Bill Fierke reported interest among students to become pen pals with students in Eagle Point’s sister city, Showa, Japan. Councilor Wayne Brown attended an RVS (Rogue Valley Sewer) luncheon and reported plans for new communications systems and equalized fees. Councilor Kathy Sell told of a backbreaking labor party led by Char Hoppe and her husband, Gary, to plant 3,000 spring bulbs around the courthouse and Centennial Plaza. Kathy Sell and several others dug out gravel, amended soil and have tucked in 2,000 bulbs so far. What a beautiful spring awaits Eagle Point!


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