Lawsuit against School Dist. 9 from 2011

A former teacher in the D9 school system has been charged with molesting two female students at Little Butte School. The incidents leading to the accusations surfaced in 2011 and both the Eagle Point Police and District 9 completed an investigation and reported findings of no wrong doing to the District Attorney. According to D9 officials, the DA refused to prosecute, but a situation where the two girls were overheard talking about incidents led to the families engaging an attorney and the filing of the suit in federal court.

D9 officials were contacted for comment and they were unable to comment on the lawsuit or to provide any further information. Scott Whitman, director of business services said that they received copies of the suit on Dec. 2, but that the situation would have to take its course. Also named in the suit were D9 Superintendent Cynda Rickert and Principal Lynn Scott. Whitman said that the district does everything possible to protect students and that all complaints are taken seriously.


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