Scholarship Dessert raises $4100.00

The annual D9 Community Scholarship Dessert drew approximately 100 supporters to listen to Dr. Thaddeus Gala tell how a scholarship from this very group helped him to go on through college to become a chiropractor. Gala followed EPHS Principal Tim Rupp on the podium, following his remarks about the value of a college education and the increased earnings potential from having that diploma.

Each table was decorated by the host, and there were some very innovative centerpieces, including some with red and purple hats, compliments of the Red Hat ladies. Others used their imagination to decorate, most in a Christmas theme, with bows, bulbs and ribbons and even reindeer.

But the theme of the evening was the scholarship and as of this writing, the total raised was $4100.00. Monies from the dessert have helped dozens of students continue their education and several letters of appreciation were displayed by Tim Rupp during the evening.

A group from Eagle Point High School under the direction of Terri Steinhorst entertained attendees with a medley of songs, concluding with a Christmas serenade as the evening came to a close.


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