Texting and driving takes toll on Wildlife along Highway 62

According to Dr. Gala at the Complete Care Clinic, there is a purpose for that car in front of the clinic. The vehicle is there for several reasons. The main reason is to promote safety; safety for friends, family and loved ones as well as the wildlife that inhabit the area. Following in the EPHS footsteps on the growing dangers of texting and driving, we wanted to give people a reminder of how fast life can change as well as give parents a talking piece and a “picture is worth a thousand words” opportunity to instill the dangers associated with newly licensed teenagers tied to technology.

Second, the golf course area is home to countless deer and turkey. During this time of year our staff sees deer crossing daily by the bridge and sadly we see at least 1-2 deer get hit and killed a week from about late October to early January right in front of our clinic. Yes, at least 1 deer hit and killed each week, we have been counting. Lastly, short days and wet/icy roads create poor driving conditions. Put all together and there is a deadly combination.


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