Upper Rogue Independent to kick off new photo contest

Wow, we had a great response from the first photo contest and that was encouragement enough to want to have the second. There were some very impressive photos submitted, and some of those will be used in the 2013 calendar that we will publish this week. Make sure you stop by and check those out right after Christmas. They are available for just $6.95 and they are available with or without the important events printed right on the pages—just in case you forget.

The theme for the second contest is winter. You make the call as to what winter means to you, and we will select a panel of judges that have just one rule, it must “say” winter to them.

Again, this contest is open only to amateur photographers and there is a limit of two entries per person. We are changing the rules slightly, this time there again will be two classes: student and adult. Last contest saw many entries in the student category, slightly less in the adults. Many of the students have received training in photography and we didn’t feel it would be fair to lump them with adults who have no training.

One thing we would ask is that you make the pictures horizontal as opposed to vertical, because we may use some of the photos for the 2014 calendar. As usual, once submitted, the photographer gives the Independent the right to use the photos in the paper, the calendar or both.

We have some prizes again for the winners. First place and the editor’s choice will both receive a $25 gift card to be used however the winner wants. They will also win a subscription to the Independent for themselves or for a friend. Other prizes will include valuable items from the Butte Creek Mill, Cascade Real Estate and John Vait Photography.

While the judges have sole discretion in how they award the prizes, they will judge based on content, sharpness, and composition. Our judges in the last contest had a great time and did a wonderful job. This time there will be a different panel of judges and different prizes.

The contest will begin on January 10 and end on February 10. Please have your photos in by that time and email them to editor@urindependent.com.


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