County Commissioners report

By Colleen Roberts

The Jackson County Commissioners have settled into the New Year with only a few items for deliberation. The past two weeks have proven to be fairly quiet for Commissioners Rachor, Skundrick, and newly seated Commissioner Breidenthal.

On Jan. 16, 2013, the board adopted the Jackson County Multi-Jurisdictional Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan, order number 4-13. Michael Curry, Director of Emergency Management was on hand to answer questions from the Commissioners. Although some of the cities in the county opted to be part of this plan, some have not. He offered to be available to work with smaller communities and all cities who wish to formulate their own emergency plans in accordance with the County plan. This plan is part of the approved FEMA plan of 2006, and once all county/federal approval is complete, it will be posted on the County website for transparency and public access. According to county officials, an adopted Natural Hazards Mitigation Plan is required as a condition of future funding for mitigation projects under multiple FEMA pre- and post-disaster mitigation grant programs. The adopted plan appeared to be massive in size and it might be advisable for citizens to look it over once it is posted at



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