Eagle Point FFA meeting update

On Jan.14, the Eagle Point FFA held its monthly meeting. Prior to which we had our scrapbook meeting at 4pm. We need more people to join in for the scrapbooking. It’s a lot of fun cutting, gluing, and sparkling so if you are interested please come at 4pm before the FFA meetings. Next we had dinner at 5pm. Hotdogs and chips, yum! Then we had our meeting to discuss what’s been done and what’s to come. On Dec. 19, the Eagle Point FFA officer team and members dressed in their blues and went down to the covered bridge to help out with the wreath laying ceremony honoring our fallen soldiers. For each of the nations’ wars an FFA member or officer laid a wreath on its designated plaque.

For upcoming events we are hosting the District Proficiencies on February 6th. The Crater Invitational is on February 12th. February 16th is a beef field day, February 21st is the District Leadership Contest, and April 15th is the possession date for goats, pigs, and sheep; so start getting on those animal lists. And finally, goat, pig, and sheep tagging is on April 20th. In conclusion, we had an after meeting activity, a marshmallow toss. Nick Wolf, who is on a winning streak, won this activity, along with Bryce Thornton. And finally we had the raffle drawing; congratulations to Katelyn Helton, our winner. I hope everyone in attendance had a great time. Keep an eye out for our upcoming meetings via school announcements and Facebook. Also, don’t forget to study, eat good, study, sleep a lot, and study some more for finals! Have a great week!

By Kristen Hanson


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