Lady Eagles lose to North Medford

It turned out to be a less-than-pretty game for the Lady Eagles on Jan 22, as they hosted the Black Tornado of North Medford. Besides being at a tremendous height disadvantage, they also had what appeared to be a case of nerves, especially during the first period of play.

The Eagles committed a total of 11 turnovers during that initial quarter, while putting up just 7 points. North Medford led 6 to zip after the first minute of play when the Eagles called a time to re-group. That break didn’t seem to help that much, for on the next possession, they turned the ball over again, making four turnovers during their first four possessions. When they finally scored, the Tornado followed up with a three-pointer to bring the score to 2-9 early in the game.

As the first quarter drew to a close, the Eagles found themselves down by 12 at 7-19. The second period was somewhat different, though, when the Eagles rallied, pulling to within 6 of their opponents with some good ball handling and exceptional hustle. The second period score was 9-3 but the deficit still loomed.

The third period the Tornado went on a tear, outscoring the Eagles by a 17 to 6 margin, leaving the Eagles trailing by a one sided score of 22-39. That period was marked by some really rough play and what appeared a reluctance of referees to blow the whistle on apparent fouls. During the third, several bodies hit the floor, and several were somewhat slow to get up, but no permanent damage occurred.

Totals for the fourth quarter were a close 18-19, with the Tornado managing to drop in one more point than the Eagles. A bright spot for the Eagles during the final period was Sidney May, who managed to break away enough to drop in at least 3 three-pointers and a couple of points from the line.

Another stand-out for the Eagles was Kinsey Bradshaw, who from her post position, blocked several North Medford shots and pulled down several rebounds.

Prior to the game, the JV teams met in another lop-sided score finding the Eagles on the bottom end of a 16-42 score. Both JV and varsity teams were at height disadvantages and both teams seem out of control at times during the games.



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