Local man has big dreams

Jay Jarvie with his smaller version of the "Statue of Providence", his desire is to build it on the west coast.

Jay Jarvie with his smaller version of the “Statue of Providence”, his desire is to build it on the west coast.

Inspired by Victor Frankl and the book Man’s Search for Meaning, local sculptor Jay Jarvie has set his sights quite high with a project he calls the “Statue of Providence.” Jarvie, a designer by trade, is the son of a sculptor who has designed a project so colossal that it could become the major attraction, not only in the immediate vicinity, but perhaps even on the entire west coast of the United States.

The Statue of Providence features six symbols Jarvie says represent his own interpretation of Frankl’s work. The symbols, the robe, sword, shield, scrolls, the armor and the serpent under foot all represent man’s striving and ultimate destiny. The serpent under the foot of the statue represents man’s triumph over evil. the scrolls the knowledge, the shield represents man’s relationship to God and to each other. The tiny mock-up is only about five feet high, but the final version of the statue will be 140-foot tall, sit atop a 40-foot pedestal and the entire thing will be erected on a knoll. The whereabouts at present are unknown, but Jarvie hopes it will be in the near vicinity.

Of course, there are challenges associated with a project of this scope. He needs to build a life-sized mockup, which then is scanned with a laser to give him a pattern form which to build the final statue. The computer will break the entire project up into tiny pieces which will then be cast in wax and then in bronze before the final assembly at the ultimate site.

Are such projects costly? Absolutely. Jarvie has only rough estimates of the final cost, but needless to say, they have a lot of zeros in the final figure. Something like this can only be done with the help of lots of others. Currently, Jarvie is connected with others through a web site called “Kick-Starter” and he hopes to raise enough to build the life-sized model with funds from that site. Once that is built, he will begin raising funds for the final project.

“The Statue of Providence will be a highly visible symbol of our achievements so far; and the reminder that we must press-on to overcome the many shortcomings we still hold.” Taken from the web site Statue of Providence.org, in a few words sums up Jarvie’s philosophy about the journey of man through history and into the future.

Jarvie hopes to build the statue in a place where a park can be built around it. He is hoping that some municipality will take over the project when completed so that he does not have to do routine maintenance.

Something of this scope is a brave undertaking. But a statue standing over 140-feet tall would instantly be recognizable from nearly anywhere in the Rogue Valley and could certainly be an attraction that would best anything in the entire area.

Check out the website at statueofprovidence.org for a video and more information.


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