Shady Cove meeting causes stir

Fiesta; noun – An event marked by festivities or celebration. However the 2013 Fiesta Bowl proved to be anything but a celebration for Shady Cove City Council.

As the council moved from their afternoon study session directly into their Regular session—special meeting—on Jan. 3rd, Councilor Leith Hayes asked permission to comment before the meeting got underway. Hayes advised that he was not comfortable proceeding with the meeting at the 2:30 time slot. He further advised the meeting time had been changed to 2:30 so folks could watch the Ducks play in the Fiesta Bowl the evening of the 3rd, but this change had taken place after the notice for the original 6:30 meeting time had been given. Per Hayes the Regular meeting time could not be changed without resolution.

Mayor Ron Holthusen advised the time change was OK and they could proceed. Following a brief, heated “No it can’t” “Yes it can” exchange Hayes excused himself from the meeting altogether. Councilor Gary Hughes then asked for clarification about the procedure. Administrator Danise Brakeman advised she had spoken with the City’s Attorney(s) regarding the change and was advised they could hold a Special Meeting at the earlier time. The meeting did proceed, with the remaining four council members providing a quorum. Mayor Ron Holthusen and Councilor Jim Ulrich were sworn in, Hayes will need to be sworn in at the next meeting.

Three issues were heard during the 1:30 p. m. study session. David Christian reported that the radio station is growing in content and listenership. Christian proudly noted they have received only four complaints in their first year of the “New KSHD”. Moreover, he has built a new program so if another complaint should come in about a specific song, he can look up the song by the exact date and time it was played and it can be quickly pulled from the playlist. The station is always looking for new show ideas, if you have one to share email Christian at!

Carl Tappert from Rogue Valley Sewer Services (RVSS) was following up on a previous proposal that the treatment plant could begin taking in and processing septic waste. Tappert advised that the DEQ has authorized the proposal and they can begin the new program immediately. The program can also be at any time if there are any problems. He also provided a spread sheet denoting where the monies from the new program could go over the next few years; loan repayment, then building up a three month operating reserve, then money could go to lowering the City’s fees and/or into a capital improvement fund. The council is in favor of the idea, but the formal vote will not be held until their next meeting.

Paula Trudeau asked the city council if the city could be the co-applicant on a grant which would be used to continue payment to Firewise Coordinator, Jenny Hall. The grant currently used for Hall’s salary will expire in June 2013 and the Fire Department would like to continue the program with Hall at the helm. As a co-signor the city would need to match 10% of the grant – approximately $3000. For this match money Hall will help the city with their volunteer riparian program. She would work with citizens on voluntarily removing non-native vegetation and replacing it; care will also be given to choosing vegetation that is more “firewise”.

The City Council feels they need more time to review Trudeau’s proposal, i.e. can the Fire Department pay, maybe half of the matching funds? This too they will vote on during their next meeting, which barring any major sporting events will be held at 6:30 on January 17.



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