Two More Exciting Victories for Eagle Point Basketball

Something is wrong with the bleachers at the EPHS basketball court. That is, they are not filled to capacity with spectators, as they should be. Anyone who does not see the varsity Eagles and Lady Eagles play basketball this season is missing out on some tough, talented young athletes in action.

Both teams took on the Weed High School Cougars on Friday, Jan. 4, and both teams won by wide margins. The Lady Eagles beat their opposing team with a 65 – 35 score, and the Eagles pushed themselves to an incredible 66 – 29 win over the Cougars.

First up, Adriene Wood demonstrated the accuracy of her outside shot several times over, scoring 18 points by threes, and 23 points altogether, with a 3-3 foul shot percentage. As far as the numbers are concerned, Wood had the best game of all the Lady Eagles.

“If shots are there on certain nights, then you take them and you make them,” said Lady Eagles head coach, Paul Bell.

But, there were significant contributions from the other Lady Eagles too. Casie Johnson scored a total of 14 points, including two out of four attempted free throws; and, along with Sidney May, was an energetic, defensive force through the game. Kinsey Bradshaw intelligently positioned herself, more than once, to be under the basket right when she was needed. Bradshaw scored on a nice fast break layup near the end of the fourth quarter. May, Bradshaw, and Bailey Cooper all put up 7 points apiece, with three-pointers from Cooper and May.

A recent addition to the varsity team, Destiny Summers showed her potential as a playmaker in one key moment when she stole the ball and immediately assisted Wood for one of her three-shots. Coach Bell talked about his decision to bring Summers up to varsity.

“She played at the Cascade Tournament with us over Christmas, and defended well,” Bell said. “So, she deserved the opportunity, and she took advantage of it.”

The Lady Eagles also beat Lakeview High School on Saturday, Jan. 5, by a 60 – 48 score.

Only one word could describe the Eagles’ victory in the men’s game: hustle.

The Eagles gave an amazing athletic performance, moving together as a cohesive unit, and pushing the pace of the action to beat the Cougars on every play. They won this game because they wanted it way more than the other guys.

Head coach Bryan Wood showed great pride in the way his team played, emphasizing the tremendous effort they each put into the sport. “The practice is extremely competitive,” Wood said. “There is very little that separates our fourteenth guy from our first guy. They’re a very deep group, and they all work hard.”

Cesar Chavez got 16 points in total, with two threes, and made both of his free throws. Justin Hartman scored 10 points. Kramer Edwards hit one three-shot as part of his 9 total points. Jorge Quintero hit two three-pointers and got 8 points in all. David Barber went two-for-four at the foul line and totaled up 6 points.

The Eagles went on to a 58 – 26 victory over Lakeview on Saturday, Jan. 5.

These kids deserve a large crowd to cheer them on. Make sure to come out and watch the next home games, on Friday, Jan. 11 for the Lady Eagles against Grants Pass High School; and on Friday, Jan. 25 for the Eagles versus Roseburg High School.


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