New softball coach at EPHS

Frank Marksman

Frank Marksman

Frank Marksman has spent the last 20 years on the sidelines. That’s not a negative, and certainly no reflection on this new addition to the coaching staff at Eagle Point High School. Marksman will be on the sidelines for another year as head coach of the Lady Eagles Softball team come spring.Marksman, who made a career of working at waterfowl management in the Sacramento area, has made a career move and also a change of location to the Rogue Valley approximately one year ago. Prior to his time here, Marksman coached high school, college and ASA programs in the Big Valley of California, and he was quite successful in doing so.

In addition to his time coaching, Marksman also umpired both softball and baseball and also participated in football and wrestling programs while in school. As a younger person, he had a chance to tackle publishing in south east Washington. Of that, he said it was a good experience, but has no desire to return to the field. He is currently employed at Dogs for the Deaf in Central Point.

What Marksman says he offers is the chance for stability in the program and a chance to look at what others might term “small ball.” By that he means that he is aggressive on both offense and defense. He has learned patience with his years and says he will work as long and hard as any of the players want to, and promises that he will work harder than any of the team members.

Assisting him will be Diana Swopes, in her sixth year of teaching at Eagle Point High School, and Samara Guyars, who is now in her first year at the school. Guyars played at Ashland High School and Willamette University before joining the staff at Eagle Point. Marksman counts himself fortunate in that both assistants were pitchers during their playing careers.

The team currently works out at the school, though no coaching can be done before the official start of spring practice. Marksman says that there are some returning players around which to build the team, and some promising younger players, but expect that the team will be on the younger side.

Players will not be treated as anything but athletes, he says and he will challenge them both mentally and physically.


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