Prospect closes with big wins all around

Scotty Kennedy on another trip to the line. Kennedy lead the Cougars with 28 points in a 75-65 victory over visiting North Lake on Feb. 16

Scotty Kennedy on another trip to the line. Kennedy lead the Cougars with 28 points in a 75-65 victory over visiting North Lake on Feb. 16

Parking was at a premium during the Feb 16, Prospect-North Lake games in Prospect. With no playoff hopes left, it was more a contest of pride than placement. And for this weekend contest, it was the Cougars that had the satisfaction of going out with a bang.

Coming into the game, the Lady Cougars had established a 5-10 league record, making a win here in the closer even more important. Seniors Miranda Hedgpeth and Heather Lass led their team to a commanding halftime lead at 32-15, and then increased that to finish at 55-32. The Cougars outscored their opponents in all but the last stanza when North Lake outscored them by an 11-12 margin.

Heather Lass led her team in scoring, dropping in 16 points while pulling down 12 rebounds and contributing 3 assists. Fellow senior Hedgpeth followed closely with 13 points on the afternoon. Hannah Bailey was the third Cougar in Double figures with 10 and Alee Pinkerton wasn’t far behind with 9. Haylee Van Wormer scored a couple of buckets and finished with 4, Kaylee Biando and Marissa Raines scored 2 and 1 respectively.

The Cougars finished the season with an 8-12 record overall.

In the nightcap, the boys rolled to a 75-65 win by jumping to a lead early in the first period at 10-4. Boston Ehlers came out hot, dropping in two quick three pointers and another bucket and it began to look like there might be a blow-out. But to their credit, North Lake came back to within four points midway in the first period and the quarter ended with the Cougars in a five-point lead.

Prospect tried pulling away again in the second, but North Lake again came to within four. A late period rally saw that quarter end with the Cougars in what looked to be a commanding lead at 33-22.

In the third, the two teams both dropped in 18 points in what rapidly deteriorated into a rugby match. Scotty Kennedy posted low and some sharp passing by the Cougars began to find him open under the bucket. That’s when the senior caught fire and he literally was fighting his way through a sea of black jerseys to score. But midway through the third, Kennedy took an elbow to the nose that took him out of the play and he folded up and went to the floor. After a short time on the bench, he recovered sufficiently to re-enter the game from that time on, he was either scoring from that low post position or from the line.

North Lake scored 25 in the fast and furious fourth quarter on some outside shooting by one of their forward line. In the last 15 seconds of the game, the

Cougars sent four players to the line. Kennedy lead scorers with 28, Ehlers finished the game with 14, as did Kyle Roe. Isaac Reynolds finished with 9, Kevin Baker scored 8 and Jacob Bliss scored two to round out Cougar scoring.


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