Cascade Community Pool’s “100 Mile Club” Celebrates Its 10th Anniversary

Eagle Point resident Cindy Sweet has swum from San Diego to Portland, a distance of 1236 miles from port to port, and now she’s on her way to Hawaii. She and other lap swimmers at Cascade Community Pool in White City will celebrate the 10th anniversary of the pool’s “100 Mile Club” on Monday, March 4.

The mileage chart was originally posted on March 3, 2003 as a way to motivate swim team member Connor Richerson to swim laps when he could not train during the team’s normally scheduled practice times. Soon other lap swimmers asked if they could add their names to the chart.

Swimmers count their laps and fill in the distance they swim on each pool visit. After completing their first 100 miles, many swimmers wanted to keep going. Pens of different colors are now used to represent each additional 100 miles, so the original 100-mile chart has now become a multi-colored chart for tracking 1000 miles and more. The chart serves as a source of individual motivation as well as promoting friendly competition. For each 100 miles that a swimmer completes, Sweet makes a commemorative pin for the person to keep and collect.

Since March 2003, 27 lap swimmers have each completed at least 100 miles of lap swimming at Cascade Community Pool. Those who are still actively swimming and recording their mileage are: Dave Bascom, Dan Frost, Juliana Kelsall, Herminia Kluk, Jerry MacLeod, Cindy McDonald, Dora Moore, Joanne Rotar, Jeanne Schraub, Connie Smith, Helen Smith, and Cindy Sweet. Those who are no longer actively recording their mileage are: Ken Brown, Aaron Burns, Melissa Camden, Stephen Camden, Rene Chappelear, Virginia Cohoon, Mark Donahue, Richard Koopmans, Adam Long, Sarah Mortimore, Jennifer Pederson, Connor Richerson, Tom Sweet, Adam West, and Deane Wilson. Four newer members of the mileage club are currently working toward completing their first 100 miles: Lynn Whitaker, Josh Pound, Rick Raymond and Larry Baker.

Three swimmers have passed the 1000-mile mark: Sweet was the first, in May 2010, followed by Juliana Kelsall and then Connie Smith. As of February 25, 2013, all three have also passed the 1300-mile mark, with Sweet in the lead at 1,377 miles.

On Monday, March 4th, Sweet’s collection of pins will be on display in the Cascade Community Pool office at 7800 Division Road in White City. Cake will also be served to mark the 10th anniversary of the pool’s “100 Mile Club.” New members to the pool and to the “100 Mile Club” are always welcome. Come join us – have fun, get fit, and find out just how far you can swim in a year . . . or more.



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