County Commissioners establish MRMPO

By Colleen Roberts

For the Independent

Dog owners and veterinarians alike, you might want to mark your calendars for March 20, 2013. Increasing dog-licensing compliance will be open for public comment at 9:30 am at the Commissioner’s regular Wednesday public meeting. The ordinance will be posted on the county website on the animal control page. (

The commissioners approved a $47,390 security and fire alarm system for the Jackson County Animal Control operations at 5595 S. Pacific Highway.

Butte Falls does not have a city building inspection presence, and consequently Jackson County approved an intergovernmental agreement to provide this service. County Administrator Danny Jordan stated that there would not be a direct financial impact to the county, but subsequently corrected his statement that providing services may produce revenue.

Finally, the Commissioners unanimously agreed to establish a new organization for the purpose of planning and organizing proposed projects in return for access to Federal transportation funds, called the Middle Rogue Metropolitan Planning Organization (MRMPO). Included are Grants Pass, Rogue River, Gold Hill, Josephine County, and ODOT. Roads mentioned in the order are Highway 99, Blackwell Rd., Old Stage Rd., North River Rd, and Foots Creek Rd, and the administration of the MPO will be through RVCOG. County Administrator Danny Jordan presented the order to the commissioners as “Federal Law” to continue to receive Federal funding. However, John Vial, roads director was on hand with a detailed presentation. He stated that Josephine County is going forth with this and represents 91% of the populated MPO area, and the only issue for Jackson County is do we participate in it or not. Mr. Vial stated that “we form it, we manage it, and we govern it; they give us the money as long as we follow their rules… It is our committee, but it’s also their laws”. There will be several irons in the fire of this organization including, but not limited to RVCOG, LCDC, the City of Grants Pass, Josephine County, the City of Rogue River, Gold Hill, Jackson County, ODOT, RVACT, Governor Kitzhaber, Federal Highway Administration, Federal Transit Administration, and Oregon Division of State Lands. The Roads Director and Commissioners labeled this directive, “local control”.



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