Creepy Crawlies With Christy

Pacific Northwest Scorpion

Pacific Northwest Scorpion

Today we’ll meet a local creepy crawly which elicits decidedly mixed emotions. Introducing the Pacific Northwest Scorpion or uroctonus mordax. Wait, what? A scorpion in our damp local environment? Absolutely. Don’t go running for the can of Raid just yet though. As intimidating as this little arachnid appears when viewed through a macro camera lens, he’s only 1.5 inches long and you’d be worse off getting stung by a bee than by this shy “monster”. Also without the benefit of macro they appear a dull brown in color helping them to blend into their habitat.

Generally they are difficult to find (yes, people do look for them) as they prefer to hide in rotting logs and other quiet, damp places. Though I’ve had a call or two from folks who have found them in garages and homes and wonder just how nervous to be! Again, bee sting; more venomous. Our local scorpion is shy to the point of playing dead when disturbed, but will quickly “wake up” and try to scurry off to safety, it may go into the traditional threat posture but it’s just not terribly defensive. Even when it comes to feeding time they are more likely to subdue a meal with pincers than with venom. As with other arachnids, their diet consists of invertebrates; other crawlies such as ants, termites, etc. so like spiders these can be handy little exterminators to have around!




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