Emergency Preparedness Tip of the Week

News coverage of the recent “Super Storm Sandy” that hit the east coast showed long lines of vehicles at gas stations. Many disasters will result in the loss of electric power, and without power, gas stations can’t pump gas or diesel fuel . Very few stations have back up power supplies. Additionally, other disasters may interrupt the supply chain preventing trucks from making deliveries to gas stations. To be prepared for evacuation or emergency use of your vehicle, FEMA recommends that you fill the tank when it gets to the ½ tank mark. With the frequent trends of rising fuel costs, it makes sense to keep your car full as well, because there is a good chance that tomorrow it will cost you more.

Keeping a second full tank of propane for your barbeque is a good idea. Not only for when you are in the middle of a family barbeque with the meal half cooked and you run out of propane, but for emergencies as well. Without power, you may find yourself using the barbeque as a back-up way to prepare meals. Just don’t bring the BBQ inside to use!

By Ed Mayer,

Shady Cove Emergency Manager


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