Emergency Preparedness Tip of the Week

By: Ed Mayer, Shady Cove Emergency Manager

The City of Shady Cove is working on becoming better prepared for a disaster. An important part of this effort includes helping the citizens personally become better prepared. In a partnership with the Upper Rogue Independent, upcoming issues will print short preparedness tips for their readers prepared by Ed Mayer, Shady Cove’s contract Emergency Manager. All of the preparedness tips will be short and mostly common sense, but very important reminders to help you and your loved ones become better prepared. KSHD (K-Shady Radio, the City owned radio station, 101.1 FM) will be periodically broadcasting the same tips throughout the week.

In the event of a disaster or community emergency; police, fire, and other emergency service providers cannot alert you if they can’t reach you. Would you like to know if there is an emergency that affects your home, your place of business, your children’s school, your parent’s home or maybe where an elderly friend lives? Jackson County offers the FREE Citizen Alert service. By simply registering on-line you can be notified by cell phone, work phone, e-mail or text message. (Landline telephones included in the 911 database are already registered.) You can be notified if an emergency is happening at up to 5 different locations and prioritize how they contact you. The process is easy and quick. Go to www.jacksoncounty.org/alert to register. There are also on-line videos available to watch that inform you on the process and its applications. All information is kept confidential and will not be sold or used for any purpose other than alert notifications. Those registered can opt out or change notification preferences at any time.



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