EPID season begins in April

It looks as if everything is a go for the irrigation season for patrons of Eagle Point Irrigation District. According to a report from David Ford, manager, Willow Lake is full. The main canal is running full and there is snow pack in the mountains, which should provide more than enough for water for a full rotation. The concern right now is the lack of precipitation during the last couple of months may play into the schedule during the summer if some rains don’t come. The last couple of years have seen late spring rains, so there is still chance for more moisture.

Ford also reported that the power plant is running well and generating from 920-930 KWH. That generation directly benefits patrons by reducing the amount they pay for maintenance fees for the system.

Attorney Bill Mansfield reported that there is little legal action pending but for one foreclosure

The irrigation season will begin near April 10 and extend through the second week of October. Exact dates will be in the rotation schedule mailed directly to patrons.

The district has purchased a couple of four-wheelers that crews can use to get into places they must maintain but trucks are not practical. The items were budgeted items and Manager Ford reported that they came under budget, allowing the purchase of spraying equipment.

The District has asked patrons to attempt to coordinate haying operations so that neighbors don’t suffer an inconvenience when hay is down. Cooperation can insure that everyone gets their water with a minimum of interruption.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the District is scheduled for the second Tuesday in April, beginning at 4 p. m. in the District office.


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