Flowers add a home town warmth to EP

Beautiful Hyacinth bulbs are blooming all around Eagle Point after volunteers took the time last fall to plant 4000 bulbs around town.Last fall a handful of volunteers planted 4000 bulbs around Eagle Point in hopes of having a beautiful spring, which they and everyone else is now enjoying. Char and Gary Hoppe, along with City Planner Mike Upston designed and organized this effort after the city purchased the bulbs.

Another effort that happens each year is the placement of the wonderful hanging flower baskets coming into and downtown in Eagle Point. This effort is led by Mayor Bob Russell. He goes to many of the local businesses and individuals in the community to get donations to make this happen. This is no small effort as the cost is about $12,000 for 40 baskets. These baskets hang from May 1 to November 1 and are watered and cared for daily by 4 Seasons Nursery.

If you would like to help with this effort just stop in and let Bob know, or if you would like to donate to this great effort you can do so by coming by the Upper Rogue Independent or the Butte Creek Mill and let us know you would like to support the flowers baskets. No amount of donation is too large or too small.

One more event that could use a little help is on April 7th a group is getting together to finish clearing along the new path beside Little Butte Creek between the covered bridge and the Mill. If you wnt to help for a while on that day just show up at about 10am. Become a part of your community today by helping out any way you can.

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