SC Masonic Lodge to put out 8100 Easter eggs

Nothing that area resident Frank Springer does is ever small in scope. This local icon, with a heart bigger on the inside than the outside of his somewhat rounded figure, is doing it again.

This year will mark approximately 40 years of taking the bull by the horns on the annual Easter Egg Hunt at the school in Shady Cove. On that day, Frank and fellow members of Masonic Lodge #208 will place some 8100 colored eggs and 100 prize eggs in the tall grass area of the school.

But the fun doesn’t begin just the morning of March 30, (Easter is on the 31st.) it begins with the gathering of eggs and preparing them for the event. Willamette Egg Ranch donates some 75 dozen eggs and the balance are purchased by the Masonic Lodge. When they have gathered enough eggs, they take a warm bath and put on a happy color to brighten the shell. The Masonic crew then spread the eggs around the campus and that too is unique. They send the hard-boiled eggs down a PVC tube with a curved end that allows them to do the scattering without the pain of bending to place each egg and without destroying the colored shells.

The outcome of all this labor is the largest Easter egg hunt in Oregon, at least according to Springer’s story weaving skills, it is.

Whether it is or not, is beside the point. It begins at 10 a. m. sharp, and when Springer says “sharp” he means not a minute later. It is a delight for children and a few moments of happiness and discovery in young lives that need more happy times.


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