School moves to Sams Valley

Parents of children from K-6th grades, looking for alternative schooling, need look no further than the Kingdom Harvest Christian School in Sams Valley. Established three years ago by Tricia and Kevin Hale, the school outgrew their facility in Central Point early on. That’s when the Hale’s decided to expand the operation but needed a facility that would fit their needs. They first explored a vacant church on Meadows Road, but finally settled on another church building on Duggan Road.

Tricia Hale is in her 19th year of teaching, most of that experience in Colorado, even though the couple is native to the Rogue Valley. They believe that Christian education and education in general begins in the home and that the proper instruction is biblically based. The school serves as an extension of the home and is dedicated to training the entire person; spiritually, intellectually, socially, emotionally and physically. They have even progressed to the point where they are teaching plant propagation, gardening and planning on a student store where students will learn the principles of the agriculture business.

The Hales are passionate about what they do and they are getting results. Tricia says that sometimes even the smallest obstacles create giant roadblocks for a young person struggling to learn and to discover an identity. She cited an example of a young fellow learning to build a birdhouse as a major breakthrough in his early development. With the smaller class size, they are able to concentrate in those areas.

While this school is different than most public schools, many things are similar. However, they stress that there are consequences for inappropriate conduct. The Hales feel this is excellent training for future life and more advanced classes in public schools. Tricia explains that this is in preparation for a future life and for the day when the youngsters apply for that first job.

Kingdom Harvest (KHCS) offers an excellent phonics program, an excellent reading program, traditional math, history and science presented in a factual and interesting manner, a Bible-based curriculum, Godly Character development, penmanship, P. E., music, computer skills and field trips. They are venturing into video lessons, but not just lecture series. Students will find the lessons interactive and KHCS feels this is a way to learn more efficiently and more effectively.

Tuition for the school is quite reasonable and Tricia Hale says that it will probably drop in the future. The school currently operates four days per week, but the Hales are anticipating that will change to a five-day schedule when the next school year begins. At that time, they anticipate hours will be from 8 a. m. until 3 p. m. on the M-F schedule.

Information on Kingdom Harvest Christian School is available by calling (541) 324-1230.

What is the report card on the school? Parents have seen major changes in behavior of students enrolled in the school and they see that spark in the eyes of youngsters anxious to attend school. When the student is willing to learn, the job is half done. It appears that the Hales have accomplished that goal.


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